Joseph Blair Hamilton (_gamma_) wrote in living_shadows,
Joseph Blair Hamilton

0PV2211076-43988L Secured // :: FU email to New Agents (#CN405) - Security Level 4

[cc: beta]

All agents for training code #CN405 will be individually contacted for specific instructions on how to get from current location to rendezvous point. Data relayed via C-06 [The Circle's Logistics Centre] as acquired by C-04 [Circle's Central Data Management Authority].

Address : 35 Craven Street
Covent Garden WC2, London

A flat (or apartment) with a grey brick facade and maroon oak door. The name on the postbox stuck to the wall is "H. Forrester." Can't miss it, unless you have a terrible sense of direction (or a dumb cabbie). Instructions on where to acquire the house key will be given individually.

1. Once you arrive, do not leave the house under any circumstance. Make yourself at home but do not draw the curtains. Keep windows shut and doors locked. The man who introduces himself as "Mister Harold Forrester" would be me. No snide remarks are allowed regarding my pseudonym. And do leave some food for the rest of us.

2. Equipment Required/Allowed:
a) clothes for 2 weeks
- Dress warmly (autumn/winter clothing, especially if you are averse to chilly weather), no need to bring specialised clothing of any sort (it shall be provided)
b) personal effects
c) currency (although you would not need it)
d) documents (self-explanatory)
e) book/s and/or writing materials, photographs (but no porn, please)

3. WARNING : NO firearm or any form of weapon is allowed to be brought into the training facility. I shall only say this once.

4. NO electronic/electric/mechanical gadgetry (such as laptops, organizers, radios, compasses, protractors, etc.) or any technological equipment is allowed. Mobile telephones are prohibited. No pets either.

5. Settle all your matters and adjust all timetables in preparation for your "disappearance" the next two weeks.

6. Required before setting foot in London : Those under any form of medication should send a detailed list(s) of the prescription to C-12 [Circle Science & Technology Laboratories] for evaluation and verification, as you are not allowed to be under the influence of any substance that might be detrimental to your well-being during training.

Do not forget your agent identification code. It will be utterly embarrassing if you do. More instructions to follow.
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