Joseph Blair Hamilton (_gamma_) wrote in living_shadows,
Joseph Blair Hamilton

0LM0000098-02000W Locked // :: Email to Epsilon - Security Level 4 ::

I am confident you know your way around. Nonetheless, do holler when you get lost. And do not be late. The house key is in the late Epsilon's box at the Post Office main (in case Beta has not informed you, it's #1028). It also contains something else that might interest you.
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I'm warmed by the confidence you place in me. Well if the big bad forest gets me, lil red riding hood here will just call for the strapping young woodsman. heh.

Gamma-jiisan, a gift? You shouldn't have bothered, really. (Yes, alright, I'm kidding. Peace. ;P)

I'll be there on time. Rest assured.
Seriously, you might end up wishing it was a gift (rather than a puzzling piece of data) when you do see it. I would also appreciate it muchly if you make no mention of it to Beta. At least not yet. I shall discuss it with you at length in Norfolk.

[Insistent interference from player: I have no idea what he's talking about. It just popped out {grimace, frown}. Agents and their business {mutter, snort}. ]