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Espionage Role Playing Game

Justice through your eyes

Espionage Role-Playing Game
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Justice by all Means. This is our creed.

You will never reveal yourself to anyone, not even to those of the Circle unless it is imperative that you do so. You answer to no one's will but the Circle and you will value its secrecy..

You live to protect at any cost, by any means available, even at the price of your own life.

The Circle is a secret organization, faceless, a shadow that moves in society, balancing the rise and fall of power between nations, sometimes creating anarchy in one nation, sometimes fostering peace. It is never clear what the Circle supports only that the will of its leader, Alpha, is absolute. Its members obey him without question.

Thus it has been so since the 1st World War where the Circle has made its most striking mark.

What this mysterious organization stands for and how far it is willing to go to achieve its objective is left to anyone's guess. But power like it exercises over the world cannot go unnoticed for long and sooner or later it will feel the gaze of others who would challenge its power.

Will you be one of them, against them or will you just stand and watch?

To join, please read the Rules and Regulations on the website procided above.