Joseph Blair Hamilton (_gamma_) wrote in living_shadows,
Joseph Blair Hamilton

0RV6662098-70100L Locked // :: Email to Sigma - Security Level 4

Response affirmative. Received data on your location via C-06 as confirmed by C-04.

Due to the (irritating) instability (and constant bickering) of C-09's [Liaison & Diplomatic Corps] relations with local operatives in Sri Lanka, you are advised to take a commercial flight instead of Circle transport. Saves time and needless, um, needling (not to mention the hideous bureaucratic process involved) from the C-09 just to fly you here intact.

C-06 took the liberty of booking your flight. I hope you will find it satisfactory. All immediate First Class flights were fully booked so you have no choice but to take business class (unless you find more suitable/convenient means to get to London).

SriLankan Airlines
Flight No. 501
Fri 6-Jun
(Business Class, Airbus A340)
DEP (CMB-Colombo) - 10:20
ARR (LHR-London, Heathrow Terminal 4) - 1650 (4:50pm)

Rendezvous date would be the 7th of June, 1000hrs, so you would be more or less a day early. Feel free to stay at the Craven Street flat, it is empty. To acquire the flat key, go to the main London Post Office and ask for P.O. Box 1023. An operative will attend to you.

I trust you will leave all weapons behind, Sigma. I hope you will not test my patience regarding this matter.
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