Joseph Blair Hamilton (_gamma_) wrote in living_shadows,
Joseph Blair Hamilton

00000001 0000 // :: Email to Epsilon - Security Level 5

You should be here in London by tomorrow. Inform me of your plans, please. When and where, and I shall meet with you. You may choose to stay at my residence or request for a Circle house, whichever is most convenient for you, as long as you would not be late for the midnight flight to Rhine.
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//begin introduction script

This is a private email. If you are not the intended recipient, please delete this from your inbox immediately without looking at the contents. Perusing its contents is a violation of privacy and is punishable by law. (Believe me when I say the law will be the LEAST of your problems.)

//end introduction script

//verification script initialized
//verifying identification, please wait...
//process completed. Recipient recognized...
//opening message...

I'll be leaving LA as soon as possible. Should be at London City Airport at 1430 hours of June 4. (American Airlines Flight 136, leaving Los Angeles at 1900 hours of June 3.)

I want to look in on some things in London while I'm there. If I could just leave my gear where we will be coming back to later, I'll be set.

Ja. Mata ne.

The date seem to be off on my system. Apologies for that.
Was expecting you to be late, frankly. Through no fault of your own though. Everything goes as planned still. I will meet you at the airport on your scheduled arrival.
Just in case you don't notice my striking good looks upon arrival, gamma-jiisan, i'll be wearing the a black t-shirt and cap. I'm sure the term "Fuck me" will figure somewhere on the shirt. If it offends your sensibilities, please tell me now.

The ball is in your court. How will I know its gamma-jiisan? I don't want to poke every living creature on sight if I can help it. ;)
No offense taken. Admittedly, it is quite attention-grabbing but then again, rather...clever. I hope that would not make you hard to miss, as I'll poke you if I see you. Um, no pun intended.

Unless there are numerous others with this shirt and have striking good looks, trying to poke all the ojiisans around (especially since said 'jiisan seems intent on not providing his description), I doubt it. Heh.

I'll be boarding my flight in a half hour's time. Ja.

I will see you then. And I hope you don't leave with someone on your arm. I have no idea how to install an Oracle.