Joseph Blair Hamilton (_gamma_) wrote in living_shadows,
Joseph Blair Hamilton

00100100 1100 // :: Email to Epsilon - Security Level 5

Locked // Email to Gamma - Security Level 5 [High Priority]

I have a job for you, I would need you for protocol. It would require only a day off your busy timetable, nothing fancy. I estimate three days before the first training day. Can I count on you?

We were informed by Ibis Tek that the new security vehicles have arrived and are currently docked in the Rhine port of Basel, Switzerland at the Kleinhüningen terminus. You are aware of this particular order so there is no need to refresh your memory. The maps and logistic details will be sent to you later on in the day by C-04.

You will meet with the Customs Inspector (whoever was assigned to the shipment) at the Rhine Navigation Authority (C-15 [Procurement] and C-16 [Storage and Distribution] ops will accompany you) and introduce yourself as an Assistant Procurement Officer from the UK Ministry of Defence. It is all hohum SOP from there on - as I said, it's a low-level risk task and these people would not ask you anything more than what's required. Your country's dropped shipments down there once too many times. You will then be accompanied to the docks and the C-19 [Transport] will move the Vipers and Cobras into our warehouse near Dreirosenbrücke.

The objective of your trip is to ensure the perfect running condition of the Oracle Portals into specific vehicles. The C-18 [Repair: "The Mechanics"] will be responsible in detaching the SWARM from the Vipers, and the Oracle I and II will be attached and configured into the CPD.

The agent I assign to configure the system is Epsilon. I am delegating this task of informing him to you because for reasons I cannot disclose at this time, I do not want Beta to know of this mission. And you know that anything I say directly to Epsilon, Beta would know, hence your participation. Don't fret, Beta's not under suspicion for anything. Just do as I say and all will be well.

Epsilon would not refuse this job, as he was one of the makers of the Oracle Portal. He knows the damn thing like the back of his hand. We need to get the systems running in the vehicles before they can be shipped to the US. Yes, they're not ours, don't ask.

I am counting on you, don't let me down. And tell the boy not to put in any of those games of his in the system. He might be tempted to.


Alpha has sent me the disc which he says contains the permission codes for the Oracle. It's that little "gift" you'll find in the P.O.Box in the Post Office. He says you'll know how to decipher it when you see it. It's safer handing it to you physically, he says, rather than sending them through the channels. That much I agree on.

I'm afraid you'd have to fly down here four days before rendezvous date. Be sure to hold up a placard that says Epsilon when you arrive at the airport so I'd recognize you. I am joking, of course.
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